Barbara Beltrame’s wedding dresses mean elegance as they describe the mastey of italian handcrafts

Each creation, entirely made in Italy with fine fabrics, represents a sartorial masterpiece which perfectly mirrors both the passion and the expertise of the Maison “dream” team. Craftsmanship is at the heart of each and every bridal and ceremony outfit production, making the Maison workshop the beating heart where excellent, lifelong and unique creations come to life as sartorial perfection requires. Our garments are the result of such a perfect synergy between Italian style, know how and careful attention to the details which count, being the distinctive features of every Barbara Beltrame’s wedding dress.


Barbara Beltrame’s bridal collections have been created to satisfy every need and dress every body

“From traditional gowns to two-piece wedding dresses, our Maison team works to create the perfect dress, by customising each garment to meet the bride’s needs. Combinable wedding dresses, an undisputed trend in recent years, allow for the creation of multiple outfits for your wedding day, also matching the best accessories. Barbara Beltrame’s bridal collections is the answer to all women’s styles and personalities: the modern wedding dress is for the original bride, as well as the princess-like wedding dress is  for those who have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding. The classic wedding dress is for a refined and elegant soul, and the Boho Chic wedding dresses perfectly match bohemian style brides, while the Mermaid-style wedding dresses fit sensual and feminine brides. 

Every Barbara Beltrame’s fashion show and collection closes with a black wedding dress: a simple and elegant choice for an unusual and undoubtedly top-glam bride.”

Barbara Beltrame is the ideal choice of perfection

Since Barbara Beltrame’s first atelier opening in Udine in 2013, her bridal fashion brand has achieved huge success, and has since stood out in the sector and among the enterpreneurs of its territory. In 2022, the brand was awarded the prestigious prize dedicated to craft businesses by the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone-Udine In 2023 Barbara Beltrame also won the Wedding Award of matrimonio.com, the most important wedding specialised website in Italy, a reference for the brides and grooms to be. This means further achievement of innovation and beauty recognized standards by Barbara Beltrame’s creations, which continue to allure those in search of the perfect wedding dress.