When Haute Couture Meets Innovation,
Dreams Come True

Barbara Beltrame’s wedding dresses are simply unique: every detail mirrors the bride and the woman’s personality and style, triggering unforgettable emotions. Our Collections do not simply follow the tradition or the trends: they surprisingly mix experience, haute couture and creativity to pay a tribute to elegance and innovation, as only Italian pros can do. Barbara Beltrame dresses up every body to enhance every shape, and help every bride realize her innermost dreams.


Barbara Beltrame is one of the most recognized High street bridal fashion in Northern Italy

Keen on art, architecture studies and unconditional love of beauty Barbara stands out for a unique and extraordinarily innovative approach.
Her constant search for excellence and her impeccable tailoring technique, matched with limitless creativity, have resulted in refined and timeless garments, aligned with the bridal trends, yet unique in each and every detail. Barbara Beltrame’s Bridal Collection is the natural evolution of a successful career that can boast numerous collaborations with the most important Italian bridal designers. The brand, Barbara Beltrame, was born in 2013 in Udine from the desire to create a “philosophy” of dresses that aimed at representing the essence of the modern bride, breaking free from the strict limits of traditions. In fact, the combinable bridal gowns of the visionary Mixology collection, born in 2015, are a clear example: a collection created by carefully understanding all brides’ feelings and needs, continuously.


Since Barbara Beltrame’s first atelier opening in Udine in 2013,
her bridal fashion brand has achieved huge success, and has since stood out in the sector
and among the enterpreneurs of its territory. In 2022, the brand was awarded the prestigious prize dedicated to craft businesses by the Chamber of Commerce
of Pordenone-Udine In 2023 Barbara Beltrame also won the Wedding Award of matrimonio.com, the most important wedding specialised website in Italy, a reference for the brides and grooms to be. This means further achievement of innovation and beauty recognized standards by Barbara Beltrame’s creations, which continue to allure those in search of the perfect wedding dress.