Mixology by Barbara Beltrame
Combinable wedding dresses

Since 2015, Mixology has met the needs of the modern, dynamic bride, who is no longer keen on super traditional dress styles. Mixology is a constantly evolving line of combinable elements, where corsets, skirts, jackets and trousers are artfully mixed to create your unique and true dream outfit. The dress transforms as the day goes by to suit the bride’s needs: the princely design of the wedding ceremony instantly turns into a more comfortable and equally top elegant look for the reception. An innovative idea, for all brides who need to feel free and agile and wish to show their distinctive style and personality at all times. The undisputable versatility of this collection is of advantage for the retailer: Mixology and the relevant in-depth training, make their offer wider, and sales grow.

Body Alexander
+ Gown Bellini

Top lace Negroni + Pants Moyto
+ Corset Paloma

Jumpsuit Paradise
+ Gown Daiquiri


Discover the whole combinable collection
designed by Barbara Beltrame

Top Rossini
+ Gown Stinger

Body Margarita
+ Gown Cosmopolitan

Corset Manhattan + Gown
Cosmopolitan + Jacket Gibson

Corset Screwdriver
+ Gown Sidecar + Top Caipirinha

Top Rusty Nail + Gown Metropolitan
+ Mini Skirt Caipiroska

Overskirt White lady + Top Notorious
+ Shorts B52


Creates different outfits to fully enjoy
your wedding day

Long Dress White Russian
+ Jacket Grasshoper

Long Dress White Russian
+ Band Gin Fizz